Cruelty free spotlight – Eyeko


I’m a bit of a mascara obsessive and whilst looking for the perfect waterproof mascara I came across a whole new brand!

Eyeko are a make up brand that focuses on eye make up specifically, making it their mission to create amazing proctucts that defy explanation! My top three products are;

  • Sport mascara – this is the waterproof mascara to end all waterproof mascaras! Wear it alone or put it over your normal mascara, it works just as well either way.
  • Black magic eyeliner – the pigment on this eyeliner is fantastic, it’s one of the blackest I’ve ever used. The point is like a felt tip making application super easy.
  • Brow gel – I use this on a daily basis now, the tinted brow gel gives brows a fuller more natural look and it keeps the hairs in place, setting your brows perfectly.

Make sure and use an oil based remover or one of their eye make up remover pads as this make up is built to last! You can go swimming with the waterproof mascara on and it won’t budge so normal make up remover just won’t cut it.

eyeko1 eyeko

Of course I needed to know more about the brand so I grabbed founders Nina & Max for a couple of quick questions.

 Eyeko is cruelty free – was this a decision that was made from the beginning?

“yes very much so – we test on celebrities not animals! We love animals too much, especially cats!”

If you had to choose one eyeko desert island item what would it be?
“Nina – ‘I can’t choose one it would have to be two – Black Magic Mascara & Sport Mascara. I use both together so I couldn’t possibly choose one over the other!’ Max – it would have to be our Brow Gel!”
What do you think is the future of make up? Multi tasking hero products or back to basics?
 “Multi-tasking products for sure! And also cosmetics with treatment benefits. People are looking for so much more from their beauty products and this has always been an important consideration for us – hence why all out mascaras treat your lashes whilst creating your desired lash look!”


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