Styling for the Great British Summer


Dressing for summer in the UK isn’t easy, you can’t just throw on a sundress & sandals and expect the weather to be nice. In the UK we don’t just have to check the weather three or four times before we leave the house we also have to expect it to completely change whilst we are out the house!

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Investing in a show-stopping dress


When you are going to a special event, like a wedding or an anniversary party, it’s important to look your best. Sometimes that means pulling out all the stops and investing in something you can wear time and time again.
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Mental Health & Fashion – is it all black and white?


The issue of mental health and fashion is a tricky one. All too often we see brands trying to glamorise depression & mental illness with slogans such as “cute but psycho” or “Anxiety club”, these don’t help the stigma surrounding mental health.

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The Neon Boneyard – a must see in Las Vegas


If there is one thing I would label a ‘must do’ in Vegas it’s the neon Boneyard. Opened in 2012 to showcase some of the iconic neon lights that make the Vegas skyline so memorable.

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