Things I love – November 14 edition

Since it’s less than a month to Christmas I though I would share with you guys my  top5 perfect accessories from my fav small brands.

You all know I am all for shopping local and this Christmas I am doing just that, all of my gifts will be chosen from my favourite small brands for the ones I love. There is nothing better than opening something on Christmas day that seems like it was made for you, so keep reading to find out who to buy the below for!

Happy shopping <3

The Handful of arrows from Bloody Mary Metal is a perfect all rounder, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to get this on Christmas morning, myself included!


Lingerie isn’t reserved for boyfriends to buy, get your BFF some awesome pants from Reckless Wolf…you’ll probably know her size better than her other half!


Got that one friend who is impossible to buy for? Get them some DIY nails Christmas decals, major brownie points if you get them some candy canes too!


Everyone loves a good candle and this adorable little jar from Flamingo Candles is perfect for those girls who just have everything, you know the one’s I mean? Or just the incredibly fussy! They are all made from natural soy, so nice and ethical <3


Any girl who loves a headscarf would be falling over herself to get her hands on this little penguin number from Karen Mabon, 100% silk and only £35 it’s the perfect Christmas scarf! In fact you should probably buy one for yourself too, it is Christmas after all! 


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