The Blythswood, a day at the spa reviewed.

If there’s one think I know it’s that we don’t treat ourselves enough, it’s always reserved for someones Birthday, or Christmas or any other ‘special occasion’ where you feel you can justify a bit of self love. Well no more!

If you want a massage book a massage, if you want to go and lie in the sauna do it. The time to hold back is over, I’m not going to lie it’s not the cheapest past time BUT it’s so worth it. Why not arrange a trip to the Spa with your girls instead of a night out? It’ll probably end up cheaper in the long run and you will leave feeling super relaxed. The Blythswood also has a private cinema if a spa is not your thing, grab your girls and grab your popcorn and relax to your favourite movie on the big screen!
The Girls from Abandon Ship Apparel felt we needed some pamper time so last week we arranged an afternoon at the Blythswood. We all ended up going for stress relief/muscle relaxing/deep tissue massages. The consensus was unanimous….they work! We started off the afternoon with a glass of fizz in the Lobby of the Blythswood spa whilst filling out our treatment cards, then we were each collected and taken to our individual treatment rooms. Once you step in you are enveloped by calming music, candle light and a warm relaxing fragrance. The Massage bed is warm and comforting, the masseuse starts on your feet, and works up your body and into your muscles, the oil they use not only smells divine but it will leave your skin incredibly soft. After the massage we were taken to the relaxation room, you can sit and sip water or herbal tea in a fully functioning adjustable bed that is the thing dreams are made of.
The thermal experience was the icing on the cake, we flitted from the sauna to the crystal steam room and then in and out of the Laconium which is my personal favourite! A warm room with tiled beds to sit and cool down after the heat of the sauna and steam rooms? Absolutely perfect. The Hydro pool is one place where you will loose a good hour, go for a proper swim or just relax in the bubbles it’s up to you but know this, you will feel so relaxed you’ll never want to leave! 
We finished up a wonderful afternoon with some high tea and fizz, we got a selection as two of us are veggie and one is allergic to dairy, this way we could have a mix and match and try most things. I can personally recommend the veggie indulgence and the energising and detoxifying plates, both were delicious! I thoroughly recommend an afternoon spent whiling away the hours and being pampered within an inch of your life.
Love, a very relaxed Amanda.

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