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When you plan a wedding there are some things that you don’t even think about, or should I say I never thought about. The latest one being wedding nails. I’m not into the french manicure look but luckily the nail art scene has exploded and there are so many options to choose from. Pinterest is full of amazing ideas and from there all you need is a good nail artist! Here is my Pinterest wishlist <3

Luckily I know the amazing nail artists Swoon and Diy nails and when Swoon asked me to play hand model for the biggest wedding magazine in Scotland obviously I couldn’t say no!
So I got to try out some wedding nails and boy am I in love! Two of my nails broke that morning but the amazing thing about Swoon is they can extend your nails using gel you its only a false tip not a false nail. I had a decal of ‘Mr & Mrs Davies’  (custom made ones are available from DIY nails) on my ring finger and lots of jewels on the opposite and the thumbs, so super bling!
What would your ideal wedding nails be?


  1. Helen Macdonald April 29, 2014 / 7:54 pm

    Oh my, those are some nice nails! How are you ever going to chose what to have on your big day?! Xx

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