oysters, bracelets and 2D bags

A few nights ago I was invited to the links of London Hidden Gems event, where they talked about new collections, the #Linkshiddengems campaign, fed us the best food and basically just spoiled us rotten. It was a night of firsts, the first time I’ve been to the Finneston bar (amazing venue), the first time I’ve had an oyster (actually quite nice!) and the first time I’ve fallen completely in love with a friendship bracelet. 

To elaborate a little more on the Hidden Gems campaign, Links Of London has teamed up with Stylist to launch an inside guide to four cities in the UK. The lists are compiled not only by them but by you too! You can tweet a photo of a hidden gem in your city (it can be anything, shop/bar/cafe/exhibition space) and use the #linkshiddengems to share your inside knowledge.  

Unfortunately it was raining so we had to run down to the Hidden Lane tea room (on the #linkshiddengems Glasgow Map) to get some images before getting soaked to the bone! 

 I has a little wardrobe clear out the other day and found some hidden gems of my own! I love when you find something you have completely forgotten about, the item in question being my sock garters! I bought them a few years ago in a vintage store in Melbourne and then they just sort of got lost in the mayhem that is my wardrobe. Expect to see a lot more of them. On the whole I felt the whole outfit was a little muted and I wanted to add a pop of colour, what better way to do that than with a Jump from Paper 2D bag? Their new collection is fantastic and certainly doesn’t shy away from colour, the giggle bag is one of my favourites. I’m wearing the Carly Sweetie here, such adorable names!

Can you recommend any hidden gems in your city? 

Shirt – ASOS
Skirt – Topshop
Necklace – Chelsea doll
Sock Garters – Vintage
Socks – ASOS
Shoes – Debenhams 

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