one month one dress

Ok so your probably thinking I’m mental…and I may be agreeing with you quite soon!
The beautiful Claire from Bee Waits told me about a blog she knew about called “The Uniform Project.” where one woman wore one dress every day for a year, styling it differently every day to raise money to send less fortunate kids to school.  She raised over 100k for charity. And looked amazing for 365 days in the same dress…. 
I do not have the skills to make one dress look that good for that long with out having some sort of fashion related melt down… I am however doing a challenge called ‘one month one dress’. I love clothes…so this could all end with me having some mental outfits (not surprising) or a mental breakdown.

There is a reason for the madness, I’m attempting to raising money for British Heart Foundation (as well as driving myself crazy for a month) so if you would like to donate, or even find out why I chose this charity please visit my just giving page.
There are rules (of course) 
1. get a dress (you are allowed two of the same dress so you have time to wash it)
2. wear it everyday for a month and style it as differently as possible everyday
So as of the First of February I will be wearing the same dress for 28 days….heaven help me!
 I will be posting a picture daily on here, on my instagram and possibly ranting that I cant find anything to wear with it on my twitter. All with the #onemonthonedress. 

I’m now pretty nervous have have to go and find a dress I can wear 28 different ways, that will get me through work meetings, date nights, dancing and walking the dogs…
 Wish me luck!

Kisses xxx

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