Olaplex; the gel, the myth, the legend.

I’m not exaggerating when I say my hair was ruined. The ends were split, it was dry and unless styled within an inch of it’s life it resembled candyfloss more than hair. It may have looked ok but it felt pretty gross. I’m here to tell you to believe the hype, Olaplex is amazing.

If you’ve not heard of this wondrous stuff (where have you been?! seriously tho, did you miss Kim K’s hair transformation? HOW? Well this is how her hair didn’t fall apart!) let me break it down, basically your stylist will add Olaplex when bleaching your hair to protect your hair from the damaging effects of the bleach, it won’t stop all the damage because you are still bleaching your hair after all! After the bleach is shampoo’d out & you have had your final colour you get another treatment to repair the broken bonds in your hair, basically this gets rid of some of the damages to your hair and let me tell you the results are insane! No longer will my baby pink hair resemble candyfloss but it will be forever a sleek, soft, shower of pink delight. I’m not joking, it’s that good! My favourite salon in Glasgow (Blow incase you have been living under a rock) is offering the treatment in two forms, add it to your dye for only £50 extra or have it as a stand alone treatment for £25 if you think your hair is just in need of some serious TLC.
I’m sure I’ll still have bad hair days but no longer will I have visions of my hair all snapping off, or god forbid having to dye it brown! All Hail Olaplex.
Shirt – Tesco
Jeans – Tesco
Bag – Accessorise
Shoes – Debenhams
Super soft amazing non candyfloss hair – Blow


  1. Mimi Kitten July 29, 2015 / 4:36 pm

    I used Olaplex and it literally is a lifesaver! For anyone who doesn't believe the hype just try it out and you'll see. The back story is pretty cute and funny on how it was made! Basically two nerdy guys decided they would revolutionize the hair world and created Olaplex!

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