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This week in work has been crazy, lots of very early starts and one massive meeting (about aw13, aaaaahhhhhh)
I don’t like dressing for important meetings…I can never decide what to wear and after getting in at 11 last night and setting my alarm for 5.30 I started to have a small panic about what to wear (I was also pretty overtired so started thinking it was ok to wear a leopard print mini skirt and a tshirt with lots of eyes on it…but we wont go into that!)
a nice dress? some cigarette pants, giant boots and a cute shirt? that other nice dress? a pencil skirt and a jumper? that other nice dress?!?! The list was bloody endless… in the end I settled for a little mint cardi I got from Darling (find similar here), a pleated skirt from New Look (find similar here), some gold accessories and my trusty Zara boots.
I feel like this is definitely my own take on what to wear to a meeting and as I work in fashion its easier to get away with wearing something that isn’t the norm.  (not that I don’t love a good suit!)

I like that this kind of looks vintage with a nod to ‘twin set and pearls’ coming from the pearl and lace strip down the front of the cardi. 
I also curled my hair….just for something different!

 I love this skirt, it’s like that one thing you have that works for every occasion… whats your go to item?

Kisses xxx

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