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Sometimes you come across a store and you just want to buy everything they have…welcome to LA LA Land
I had so much trouble choosing my favourite things from the website, but I’ve managed to get it down to these beauties <3 Instead of just writing a post that says ' go to LA LA Land and buy EVERYTHING'
Starting with three perfect presents…
1. A guide on how to be a ghost? OK! I have mentioned Neil’s work previously and this book on the day to day happenings of a little ghostie is super cute, a must have for anyone who used to read Lenore!
2. This is the perfect diary/travel journal/doodle book. A super cute rabbit is on the front. What more do you need?
3. Debbie Harry…..that you can dress…..I have no words <3
Everyone loves Jewellery, this was near impossible but I
managed to whittle it down to only three!
1. Scrabble initial ring…get a few and you can have obscene things on your fingers!
2. I love a good collar necklace and this is so adorable, perfect with a little printed summer dress
3. Who doesn’t love a slogan? Taps Aff pays homage to (makes fun of) all those scottish boys who think its acceptable to take their top off and parade their pasty pigeon chests around the city centre when the temperature goes above 15 degrees and its a wee bit sunny.
The clothing section is a little lacking in the bottoms area but the choice of tops/dresses is lush!
1. Strapless aztec dress is a summer staple, perfect for a beach party or just wandering around sunlit streets!
2. You may have noticed by now I like cats. Tiger bodysuit. Everyone needs one
3. I actually cant believe I’ve never heard of Brat and Suzie before now, they have the cutest animal printed t-shirts and vests I have ever seen…I mean a unicorn vest? WHY DON’T I OWN THIS?!
What is your fav item?

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  1. Lou Lou June 27, 2013 / 2:56 pm

    My fave has to be the swallow collar. So cute! But I always love Bonnie Bling's cheeky scottish slang jewellery!

    Also, my blog has a £50 shopping voucher giveaway at the moment. To enter, click here!

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