home sweet home

I love my house, sure its not mine and I’m not actually allowed to paint the walls….but I can decorate and as I don’t have all the money in the world its all charity shop/presents. I love putting paintings up and I feel like they really let you get your personality across, and without lifting a paintbrush can really change the look of a room.
I am addicted to decorating/rearranging and I have planned out rooms I don’t even have …. I wholeheartedly blame Pintrest! Its so easy to type in one thing (take staircases for example) and a million things come up, who would have thought staircases could be so cool?!
Anyway, below are my favourite parts of my house and where the said items/bits came from. 
Whats the favourite thing in your house? Please tell me I’m not alone in being a diy/redecorating addict! <3
Bathroom – cabinet from Salvation Army that I sanded and painted, birdcage and bag both from last years boots sale
 Stag print was a gift, the bird’s and frame are from txmaxx
 Old glossybox boxes stacked with candles, mirror from Boots last Christmas sale

Dressing area – Jewellery boxes; pink from ebay, cream was nana’s, printed from tkmaxx
My lemonade came in the pin up bottle at lunch so I kept it!
 Heart jewellery stand  – a very random little home store
 Roses from ebay, giant white framed mirror from ikea
 Dressing table from salvation army, biblical print was a gift, sewing box also a gift, vintage style perfume bottles from ikea and the flowers were pulled off a headband I hated
 Bedroom – prints are postcards from a shop in kings court off carnaby st in London, mirror was a gift
 Frame a gift, candle holder vintage and the candle from ikea
 Print by Nikki who works at Angelic Hell Tattoo studio in Brighton
 Front room – All gifts
 Print by an amazing woman and I cant for the life of me remember her name! Her shop always works London and Brighton Tattoo conventions so if you go make sure you stop buy her stall! We have 3 more prints of hers to frame!
 Living room – bookshelf & candles from ikea, print from Next, vintage teapot, map box BHS (random I know!) crocodile head is the other half’s!
 Stag skull, present
 From top left, miss van postcard, jackalope taxidermy, stag print, crow print, nana & papas wedding day in India, magpie print, stag moon postcard, the other half & I at my best friends wedding – all presents and most frames vintage or txmaxx
Kisses xxx

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