filter mad

Everyone loves a filter and sometimes it’s nice to have a wee play around with an editing app. Anything that lets me cover a photo in hearts is going to get a seal of approval to be honest! I’ve listed my top 5 editing apps below and my favourite features. Let me know that yours are, I always love finding new ones to play with <3

A Beautiful Mess – Allows you to crop the image and play around with some filters but it’s best feature has to be the text! It has a selection of words or you can choose a font and type your own. For the above photo I used dreamland filter at half opacity, lined border in pink and ‘hello’ in pastel pink (hearts from Real Bokeh)

PicFX – This has to be one of my favourite apps, it has a big range of filters and effects with the option to layer effects. My Favourite section has to be light, it gives a range of light distortion from sun flare and light leaks to just some large light spots. You can also rotate and fade them. I used Brokeh 4 from the light section on this image.

Real Bokeh – If your into hearts this is the one for you! It has a whole colour and size spectrum to choose from and you can place them where you want, it also has a range of sun glare filters but I prefer the hearts, you can also adjust their opacity. Ive just used two same sized hearts here, you choose the size and the place and they choose the colour, so if you pick lots sometimes you get a multi coloured heart.

Afterlight – Again this has to be one of my favourites, it has a good selection of filters but the best part has to be their light leak section. Here I used light leak 12 rotated. (hearts from Real Bokeh).

Split Pix – I’ve only just started using this and I love it! Lets you split and fade images and gives a lot of different splitting options, I think it will be one I will be trying out a lot. Here I just split the same image, overlapped one and enlarged then turned the blur to full.

Ears – Disneyland 
Necklace – Sample
Jacket – Urban Outfitters
Dress – Urban Outfitters from Glad Rags Glasgow
Boots – Oasis from Glad Rags Glasgow

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