DIY Christmas presents

So I know everyone loves shopping, but sometimes its nice to make the people you love presents too. 
So here’s two easy DIY presents…
Glass candle holder
you’ll need a glass bottle, glue gun, pen, paint, modge podge, a paint brush, some ribbon and a candle
 mix the paint with the modge podge 50/50 … ish (I don’t measure)

 Draw on a pattern and glue gun over the top
 Wait until the glue has dried and then paint over it with the mixture, wait till it dries and paint over it, repeat this twice or until the bottle is covered and smooth
 attach the candle to the side with a ribbon
 voila! cute personalised gifts

Cushion cover
you’ll need some fabric, scissors, pins, a sewing machine and a cushion
 Select your fabric, mine is from a pair of pj bottoms I bought because I really liked the print
 Cut the fabric so it fits around the cushion, leaving room at the top and bottom for the opening (like an envelope)
 Check you have enough fabric for the opening and overlap by around 2-4 inches (see below)
 Pin the edges of the overlap before you sew them

Once you’ve sewn the edges pin the sides with the overlap and sew up
 And there it is! Super cute cushions 
So that’s two easy DIY Christmas presents, are you planning on making any presents this year?
Kisses xxx

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