Counting Down

Its Nearly Christmas and with that comes the shopping panic, i’m having some of that right now but luckily I have a wish list as long as my arm that I know my girlies would love too. I like to get my friends something personal and not get them tat just because I have to get them a present. I’ll put a post up of some DIY presents on Friday so you have time to give them a try at the weekend if you have the time ­čÖé
Tammy is a nail art genius´╗┐, and shes awesome ­čÖé
She paints false nails (not the scary kind) with super cute designs and nail accessories, you can also get decals incase you think your bestie wont like falsies. You can also customise your own nails and decals, so why not get someone a little personalised christmas nail package?
    I hope I get some in my stocking!
┬áGlossy Box is a monthly box with 5 ‘samples’ of beauty products, the boxes are usually themed, like eco box or rising stars, and samples are more than often bigger than sample. I was given this as a years gift from the BF and I have to say I love it! Some boxes are obviously better but I’ve only had one box I was seriously disapointed with (it had two perfume samples some saches and a tiny eye cream). Another bonus is you usually get an offer to buy the product through the website with a discount and the little boxes are super super handy! (see home sweet home post)
As its a little more expensive it would be a present for the bestie, but you can vary the time of the subscription to suit.
Tatty Bon is one of those little Gems of Glasgow, the store is unfortunatley no longer open but the website is in full swing! The site is full of handmade jewellery and reworked vintage numbers. With everything from charm rings, slogan necklaces and handmade bags to collar tips and vintage style plugs the choice is endless…I have managed to whittle it down to the three products above but if you really cant find what your looking for and you want it very badly you can always email┬áthe owner and ask for the thing your heart desires! oh wait we’re taking about presents…
For me this is really a no-brainer, a subscription to Vogue is about as easy as it comes! I love this as a gift idea and with its broad appeal its sure to please!
If however you are looking for something for a friend whos a little fashion obsessed I would recommend Love magazine
Its full to bursting point of designers (old and new), artists and beautiful photography. I am trying to justify buying it for myself! (MUST REMEMBER PRESENTS!)
Soooooooooooooooo thats my list….is there anything you would add to it? Have you found the perfect present’s for your lovely girly pals?
Kisses xxx

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