black milk obsessions

Hi my name is Amanda and I am an addict.

I need black milk in my life to function, the clothes are addictive.
The company was started by an Australian man called James (link below), the designs are always new and they do launches with different themes (see section ‘starwars’), they also have stuff that looks like you’ve paid an artist to paint directly onto you. They re all Nylon is the weapon (fabric) of choice and fits literally like a glove.
If you want to torture yourself I recommend visiting the Museum section as it is full of all their past designs no longer available…its quite heartbreaking

Black Milk have one of the most dedicated fan bases in the world, labelled as ‘sharkies’ they are completely protective of the brand which in my opinion is fucking amazing. They have meet ups with each other in the UK, USA, Europe and obviously Australia and are basically a giant online community of amazing people who get together to share their love of not only black milk but other brands they love, they share beauty tips advise and are generally quite caring and non bitchy…a bloody Internet relief!
I am an amature compared to these girls! I own three black milk pieces but trust me I am building up slowly but surely! On your 100th purchase you also get a pair of leggings that are only given to those sharkies who have 100 pieces…I will not tell you what they are but they re bloody awesome.

I have scoured the website and managed to wittle down my wishlist to the below ….its also helps that they are going into sale!!!! *cant hold in excitement* get your alarm clocks at the ready girls this is going to be a good one….
Unearthly delights leggings
 Revolution leggings
 Mucha black leggings
 Mountains Pink leggings
 Call of Napoleon leggings
 Pegasus swimsuit
 Flamingos swimsuit
 Ancient maps swimsuit
 And a few images below of my black milk items, as you can see I’m in love with the galaxy leggings and I was soooo happy when the other half bought me the ‘greatwave’ dress as it sold out soon after
 Puppies love black milk

Whats your favourite black milk item? Have you got your wishlist ready?


  1. beewaits November 24, 2012 / 3:53 pm

    Rach told me about the sale earlier today. Have a feeling this is going to end badly. The flamingo swimsuit is amazing! x

  2. honey pop November 25, 2012 / 8:36 pm

    I know!! i actually dont know what ill do if everything I want goes in the sale….. :/ xxx

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