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Why Booking Last Minute Trips is So Important

February 1, 2017

Why Booking Last Minute Trips is So Important

So many of us day dream about just jumping on a plane and getting away from it all. So why aren’t we?

With Europe right on our doorstep it makes sense to take advantage of all the travel opportunities we have, whilst we still have the freedom to travel as we do.

I LOVE living in Scotland, the scenery, the people, it’s my home and no matter where I am in the world I will always think that. But now and then, especially when my job/life is stressing me out, I need an escape. A few days in a different country to unwind, soak up their culture & most importantly have some distance from whatever’s troubling me!

Clarity always comes from viewing a situation from all angles, and sometimes when you are closest to it & constantly focusing on it, it can seem unresolvable. Taking a step back (literally) and concentrating on something else will help you look at any problem in a new light. And what’s better to concentrate on than booking and planning a mini break away?

Why Booking Last Minute Trips is So Important

Why Booking Last Minute Trips is So Important

  • Deal with a breakup – Breaking up with someone is hard enough, but bumping into them in the street makes it a MILLION times worse, why not put some miles between you and your old beau? Plus theres always the chance of a holiday romance!
  • Cement a friendship – Feel like you and your BFF are drifting apart? Got no time for each other between work & partners? Then book a mini break away so you can spend some quality time with your sister from another mister. This also applies to new friends!
  • Get a relaxing weekend away – Need some alone time? Head to the beach armed with some books, visit a spa or go on a skiing holiday. Whatever relaxes you then do it! There is no need for you to wait for someone else to come with you.
  • Take some time out from work – Need a break from it all? Taking a step back to reassess where your career is going will help you refocus your efforts and maybe give an unexpected result. There are plenty of career & life coaching retreats if you fancy some external help but I’ve always found some time away from the problem helps just as well.
  • Chase the sun – Living in the UK can mean a severe lack in sunshine, especially in winter. Why not spend a few days worshipping the sun? It will do wonders for your mood, just remember to pack that sunscreen!

With flights to Europe cheaper than a train ticket to London (from Scotland) it seems insane that the population of the UK is ever at home! So do yourself a favour, find some last minute flights, book a hotel and get your ass outta here!

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