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Universal studios Orlando – a Haven for Big Kids

November 21, 2017

Universal studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando is basically a big kids playground. And you can still enjoy it, even if you don’t like rollercoasters.

The excitement is palpable when you walk into Universal Studios Orlando. There is a nervous energy that’s infectious. Everyone has a massive smile on their face when they pass into the park.

I hate roller coasters, there I said it. So you might be wondering what the hell I was doing at a theme park. Well, Universal Studios Orlando is much more than just roller coasters my friend!

We arrived in Orlando to go to the Halloween Horror Nights, which basically turns half the park into a scene from a horror movie. Complete with scare zones and horror houses. I’m also scared of horror movies, did I mention that? So it’s safe to say I was pretty god damned terrified walking into the first house. But in all honesty? I’ve not had so much fun in a long time. Sure I was scared, but it was also hilarious seeing other people jump and scream. The shot of adrenaline was massive and there was only one hiccup when Sheri & I ran away from a ‘monster’ into a mirrored room and got lost…let’s just blame the light up cocktails ok?

My favourite haunted house was 100% the American Horror Story. They played out every season and it was honestly TERRIFYING, I really wish we could have filmed it. But I probably would have dropped my camera running away. Just trust me when I say that if you ever get a chance, go to the Haloween Horror Nights!

Universal studios Orlando Universal studios Orlando

Our first proper day at Universal was the next day and we were all raring to go. We had a game plan of what rides we all wanted to do & snack breaks included. So we set off, into the great unknown, well into Toon Land, where we all decided to go on the water rides first. Becuase we would dry off in the sun. Three water rides later (Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges,  Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls and Jurassic Park River Adventure) and we were soaked to the bone. I emptied out water from my trainers then we attempted to dry off in a human-sized hair dryer but to no avail. So lesson learned, go on the water rides at the end of the night!

We wandered our way through the Islands of adventure, stopping in at Kong: Skull Island & The Spiderman ride before heading to Lunch. Frankly, I struggled with food at Universal Studios Orlando. The Veggie options were either salad or fries and after half a day running around I was after something a little more substantial.

After eating ALL the fries we headed to Harry Potter World where I totally geeked out and dragged Sheri round to look at ev-ry-thing. The whole area is based on Hogsmeade, you can have a drink at the Three Broomsticks and finish up with a sweet treat from Honeydukes, then you are set for an adventure! I love 3D rides (they don’t come under rollercoasters for me) and Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey is possibly the best ride I have ever been on. I don’t want to describe it because I don’t want to ruin it but


After all that excitement, it was time to board the Hogwarts Express & head to London.

Universal studios Orlando Universal studios Orlando

Getting off the train is a surreal experience. It honestly looks like you are getting off in London. They have everything down perfectly, from the tiles to the signage! When we got off the train we headed straight for Krustyland. We all grew up watching The Simpsons so it was a mad dash to try and do everything! Highlights definitely were; 1. A beer at Moes 2. Sheri winning a blinky toy 3. The Simpsons ride. The only thing missing? A Simpsons Tree House Of Horror at the Universal Studios Orlando Halloween Horror night!

I never thought I would have so much fun at a theme park, I left exhausted and very happy. My favourite ride? It has to be Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey!

Universal studios Orlando Universal studios Orlando


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    Love all of the photos, so much fun!! Great outfits! x

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    Love all of your photos! The outfits are super cool x

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