Staycation VS Vacation

November 27, 2016


Sure, chasing the winter sun may seem like just what you need, but what will you be missing if you leave? That’s right, it’s Staycation VS Vacation!

During winter it’s easy to think the grass is greener, to lust after warm weather & beaches, but with Christmas just around the corner there are loads of amazing things happening just on your doorstep. So why not take a break where you live?

Staycation VS Vacation

Staycation VS Vacation

We may live in Dundee but we never really make it into town that often, actually I’ve only been into the city twice in the three months I’ve lived here! Working from home coupled with events mainly in Glasgow & London it doesn’t leave much time to explore the city. So we decided to take a mini break in the Malmaison  & go exploring. The hotel is so beautiful and the beds are the like sleeping on clouds, I could have stayed there for the full 48hrs but there was so much to do we just had to go wandering!

I’ve listed my favourite things to do around the holidays, so get planning and if you want to make it a extra special, book yourselves into the Malmaison from just £45!

  • Head to your nearest Christmas Market! Sip on mulled wine and wander around looking at cute trinkets & decorations.
  • Take a tour bus! If your city doesn’t have one take a wander through some historical sites, I promise you’ll have fun!
  • Go see some exhibitions, there will be something on in your local museum, go and check it out.
  • Take an afternoon and go to the movies then have dinner in your favourite restaurant.
  • Try the festive menu from Malmaison, it’s nearly Christmas after all!
  •  Do something different and take a wreath making class! It’s something different and afterwards you’ll have something super cute for Christmas decorations.
  • Meet some friends for a cocktail and then head to the ice skating, trust me it’s so much fun, plus if you go during the week it’ll be nice an quiet.

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