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Packing tips for Carry on Luggage

August 6, 2017

Packing for a trip away with only carry on can be difficult. But there are some simple packing tips to streamline your luggage & cut out unnecessary stress!

Tip 1

Check the weather! I’m terrible for just assuming that summer holidays will always be sunny. Make sure you check the weather so you can cut out unneeded items.

Tip 2

Plan! I like to write down exactly how many days I’m going away for, including travel days, and write what outfits I’ll wear on what day. I rarely stick to the plan but it helps me pack outfits that I’ll actually wear.


packing tips

Tshirt – BooHoo // Sunglasses – Lady K Loves // Skirt – BooHoo // Bag – Baia // Boots – BooHoo

Tip 3

Pack items that you can wear day to night. Versatility is key! I picked up this BooHoo skirt and styled it for a day shopping & a night out dancing, it’s a perfect statement piece that is easy to style & accessorise.

Tip 4

If you have a specific event, pack for that first! If you are going away for a birthday party, a dinner or a spa break, pack for the main event first. That means you have the essentials in first and can build around them.

Tip 5

Wear the same outfit travelling. Unless you are heading straight out when you land then it’s best to travel in something comfortable,┬ápack a different top to travel home in but keep everything the else the same.

Tip 6

If you are taking a jacket, wear it. It’s usually the biggest item in your suitcase. The same goes for boots! If you wear the bulkiest item it’ll free up space in your case for options, or shopping whilst you are away!

packing tips

Earrings – LOM // Tshirt – BooHoo // Bag – ASOS // Skirt – BooHoo // Socks – Pretty Polly // Shoes – BooHoo

Did any of these packing tips help? Or were you already a packing pro?

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