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Auchrannie; A home away from home

May 7, 2017


“Getting away from it all” doesn’t always have to include a flight, why not explore the Scottish Islands and take a relaxing trip to Arran?

Auchrannie has been on my hotel wishlist for a while, and when I got the chance to pack up and take the fam to explore more of the motherland you can bet your bottom dollar I jumped at the chance. I was so excited and let me tell you, Auchrannie did not disappoint. Rarely does a hotel make it back onto my wishlist and Auchrannie has done just that, I can’t wait to go back!

Now I would looooove to give you guys a blow by blow of our stay in Auchrannie but that would be well more than just one post! So I’ve decided to break it down into my favourite things about the resort, in a handy list form, I’m so helpful aren’t I? So grab a cuppa and take note, because after reading these you are definitely going to want to book a trip!

All the best things about Auchrannie

The boat

Ok so that’s not technically anything to do with Auchrannie but I seriously loved the boat over to Arran! I was nervous the dogs would freak out as it was their first time on a boat. Fortunately they didn’t seem to care so we got to sit outside and enjoy the sun!

The Lodges

These lodges will make you want to move to Arran and buy a holiday home in the exact replica, they are that good! The living room opens up straight onto the balcony and it’s the perfect spot for some day drinking in the sun, all you need on holiday right?

The Food

Oh My God. The Food at Auchrannie is OUT OF THIS WORLD. I seriously never had a bad meal here and considering that was 90% of my meals for three days that’s an achievement! They are well catered to Vegetarians and offered to make things that weren’t even on the menu, now that’s good service! I’d recommend the Scottish Tapas at Eighteen 69 & the Superfood Salad and home made bread from Cruize bar.

The Staff

Seriously everyone working here needs a raise! Everyone was so lovely, so accommodating and so friendly. They really make the place feel like a home away from home.

The Scenery

Just stopping to take a look around will take your breath away. Along side the perfectly manicured gardens you have rolling fields and snowcapped hills. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a good view.

The Decor

The decor in the hotel is the polar opposite to the lodges. The lodges are modern, bright, airy, and light where as the hotel is warming, cosy and traditional. The room at Eighteen 69  is so comfortable you almost feel like you are sitting at home eating dinner! The roaring fireplace and the plush furniture make it a relaxing experience. The whole hotel is the same with opulence around every corner. On the flip side the Lodges are minimal with every modern need taken care of, they are the perfect pairing.

The Spa

Obviously I saved the best for last! The spa was perfect; tranquil, relaxing, calm, all the things you need to de stress. In the relaxation room they even have these huge pods that you can lie in, they do resemble giant hamster wheels but they are so comfortable. I had the hot stone massage and it was out of this world!

If you want to see a bts of our trip then watch our Auchrannie Vlog below & if you want more tips on things to do in Arran check out my ‘Must do List‘.

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