Styling for the Great British Summer


Dressing for summer in the UK isn’t easy, you can’t just throw on a sundress & sandals and expect the weather to be nice. In the UK we don’t just have to check the weather three or four times before we leave the house we also have to expect it to completely change whilst we are out the house!

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Festival Essentials – The Beauty Edition

Festival Essentials1

Going to a festival is a rite of passage and you have to experience the sheer insanity of camping at a festival at least once, but what do you do when you have to survive with the bare minimum of beauty products? You take your essentials of course!
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Finding wedding shopping a nightmare? Let ASOS & I help!


Shopping for what to wear to a wedding should be fun, but it rarely is. Searching through thousands of products to find that perfect outfit only to realise that it’s not exactly wedding appropriate, or it’s one of the colours banned by the bride or worse it’s too similar to what the bridesmaids are wearing.

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