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Dealing with stress and anxiety at Christmas

December 7, 2015

Dealing with stress and anxiety at Christmas

On the outside it’s all tinsel, mistletoe, sparkle and Christmas cheer…inside it’s a whole other story.

We have all had those moments (days/weeks) where we can’t seem to function, nothing is right and the thought of pretending to be ok is the last thing we want to do, unfortunately at Christmas everything is magnified, joy, stress, loss, it’s the one time of year that you are supposed to rejoice with friends and family so what happens if it just gets too much?

Whilst I’ve been dealing with anxiety for years it doesn’t get easier, you just read the warning signs a little better and try and combat the best you can. I love yoga, not because it makes me a little healthier but because I don’t think of anything other than postures when I’m in class, and that clarity of mind is sometimes just the medicine you need.

Talking of medicine, I hate taking it, I don’t even like taking paracetamol and I won’t take tablets from anyone unless they are still sealed in a packet, not even from my mum! So in the run-up to Christmas with my anxiety going through the roof I’ve decided to take a more natural approach. Saying that, you should not stop your medication without talking to a professional. I still take my medication, this is just to help alleviate tension.

Napiers of Edinburgh is something of an Institution. Opened in 1860 by Duncan Napier and they have been making herbal remedies ever since. They have a big selection of natural remedies to chose from but I opted for the stress package with the day and night cream, because when I’m anxious obviously my skin likes to punish me too!

Let’s start with the Chamomile tea, I’ve been drinking around three cups a day for a week or so with a little bit of brown sugar as I have a massive sweet tooth! I’m not sure if the tea has helped to calm my nerves but the routine of going to make it alone has actually given me some time to be alone and breathe, even if it’s just three 5 minute slots during the day. The Relaxing essential oil has been a massive help, I’ve been putting it into my electronic diffuser every day and not only does it smell amazing it really calms my nerves, you can also use a few drops in the bath which I have yet to try but I think would make an amazing Christmas eve bath treat, with a glass of wine obviously! With every meal I’ve been putting some of the Stress blend in my water, it doesn’t taste of anything really but I do seem to sleep a little better since I’ve been taking it, also means that I’m drinking more water, which is never a bad thing. The day and night creams are both moisturising and brightening, they have helped the redness in my skin go down and they smell like a botanical dream!

All in all I think the thing’s that have helped me most has been a combination of the Essential oil and the Stress Blend, and I do feel like I have been sleeping better and getting less panicky throughout the day. The tea doesn’t seem to have had a massive effect, but as I said I like the routine of making a cup alone, especially as it’s lose tea leaves it’s more of an event than just popping a bag in. Get those tea strainers at the ready! There is nothing worse than feeling anxious especially around the holidays so please take time to look after yourselves, and have a wonderful Christmas.

*These products were gifted with no need to post, I just wanted to share something that I thought helped.

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