Why you need to watch Stranger Things

July 31, 2016


Got plans this weekend? Cancel them, there is only one thing you need to be doing.

After exploding onto our screens on the 15th of July Stranger Things has captured our hearts & imaginations. The whole thing is a homage to 70’s & 80’s cult classics, you’ll be instantly hooked. It’s one of those shows you need to binge-watch, so get the popcorn ready, you are in for one hell of a ride. P.S you might want to sleep with the lights on, but if they flicker… you better RUN.


8 reasons you need to watch Stranger Things

Cult movie references – This baby is choc full of them, from Nightmare on Elm St to ET, so much so it’s spawned loads of cult movie/stranger things comparison videos!

The perfect 80’s clothes – Love a vintage wardrobe? Then this will have you clawing for those Levi 501’s & checked shirts.

Start the music – The soundtrack to Stranger things is AMAZING, think Tron & 80’s classics. It will be released soon according to Netflix, I can’t wait!

Two words – Winona Ryder.

Oh, the Memories! – Stranger Things is a throw back to all those kid hero/coming of age movies with plenty of x-files weird Stephen King shit thrown in for good measure.

Dustin – AKA ‘Toothless’ is by far the smartest kid, not only that but he shares some truth bombs & he loves chocolate pudding as much as the rest of us.

Edge of your seat – Never have I watched a TV show where I HAD to watch the next episode because I was so freaked out/intrigued. Trust me when I say this is a binge-worthy show.

Barb – Oh Barb! Completely stealing every scene she was in, she is the grounding point we can all relate to, the girl we have all been, watching from the sidelines. I wish Barb’s story had been more fleshed out, but there’s always a spin of mini-series, right?

If you don’t have Netflix get it. Stranger Things is well worth it!

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  • Reply Emma Rankin August 1, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    I took a slow liking to this, i watched the first episode when it appeared on netflix, then stopped as i wasnt sure it was what i wanted it to be then after so many people saying it was amazing, i finally finished it yesterday and omg when is the next season!

  • Reply Jordana August 7, 2016 at 11:25 am

    I think Stranger Things is honestly the best series I’ve ever seen. It was 100% perfect from start to finish. The entire style of the show from the soundtrack to the influences..I can’t say enough good things. I’m so obsessed with it. What amazes me is that I’ve never even heard of the Duffer Brothers before. Who are these creative geniuses who seem to have appeared from thin air?!

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