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Taking time to relax with Ice watch

October 24, 2017

Taking time to relax can be hard with all the deadlines, and self imposed stress we put on ourselves. But taking time out can help you hit your reset button and go back to work/life with a new sense of vigour!

There is this sense of pressure when we go on holiday that we have to see & do everything. To make the most of our time away. And whilst I am all for adventures and making the best memories, I also love to go and sit in a cafe or a bar, people watch, relax and soak up the local vibes.

Taking time to relax can be as simple as giving yourself an hour or two to get ready in the morning. Or taking the time to sit down and read a book, nothing business related, just some pure unadulterated fiction! Luckily the Night Swan had a bookshelf full & a huge porch to enjoy them on. So there was no need for me to try and read something on my phone. Which to be honest doesn’t work as I’d still be checking social media every 5 seconds!

There is this awful stigma about taking time out to do absolutely nothing when you are on holiday. For not seeing or doing everything. It’s like taking a few days to recharge means you aren’t actually making the most of where you are, or fully appreciating it!

Which of course is actual bullshit.

I travel because I love seeing new places yes. But I also travel so I can relax away from home and YES they can be done on the same holiday! Now this doesn’t just come from outside sources. I feel guilty for taking a day off when I am at home, but taking a day to do nothing when I’m on holiday? SO MUCH GUILT! My main reason for feeling bad for relaxing? That I’ve not done enough to warrant taking time off.

Which again is bullshit! There is no timeline guide, you don’t need to be physically and emotionally exhausted to take time out for yourself. So remember, taking time out shouldn’t be a luxury, it shouldn’t be left to the last minute and you definitely shouldn’t feel guilty about it.

Mantra for Taking Time to Relax Guilt Free





Replace the ‘you’ with ‘I’ and you’ve got it! Now just chant this to yourself if you start to feel the guilt creeping in, breathe and enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

Dress – Joanie Clothing // Earrings – Next // Shoes – Next // Watch – Ice Watch


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    Girl I’m loving your stripe dress! XX

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