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Summer time Plans

May 3, 2016


Where to start?! I’m out of the country more than I am home this summer.

With work trips, holidays and weddings I am away between now and August more than I am home! Not that I’m complaining in the slightest it’s just a lot to plan for and as someone who struggles with anxiety whilst travelling I know it’s going to take preparation to remain calm when I have a day or two in Glasgow between trips.

Summer time Plans

Focusing on the destination the main piece of advice I have been given when taking to other people about travelling with anxiety so that’s exactly what I’m going to do!

As you guys know (or maybe not) I’ve just got back from the Brighton Tattoo convention, I was working at it with Abandon Ship Apparel and I had the best time, I swear I’ve not laughed that long in ages! Because I was working I didn’t get the chance to go and get tattooed so this week (EEK) I’m headed down to London to get tattooed by the awesome Flo Nuttall, I’m nervous as it’s my first big visible tattoo, most are on my legs & hips so they are easily hidden but she’s an incredible artist so I know I’m in good hands. We are also going to see Book of Mormon when we are down & meeting our friends new Frenchie Puppy!

Rich has been travelling so much that we decided to book a little holiday before the year starts to get even more crazy so we are heading to a renovated farmhouse in the south of Portugal for four days to chill out, turn our phones off (well try to) and catch up on some time alone.

From June it’s all go! 2016 is officially the year of the epic wedding. The first one we have is in NYC, and it’s not just the wedding, stag & hen do is an aloha themed dream at Coney Island, followed by a girls day where we eat cake, drink fizz and take a boat tour of the island, dress code is inspired by Sex and the City with cockatils on the upper east side…AND that’s all before the wedding in Central Park! After that we are headed to Vegas, both of us turn 30 this year so this is our present to each other, I can’t think of anywhere better to have a massive blow out can you?

We have a Spa break, a city break and another work trip all before Wedfest in Cornwall! One of my favourite people of all time Lucy (Girl Boss of Bloody Mary Metal) is marrying her one true love and to celebrate they have put on a three day blow out on a cliff side in Cornwall, can’t get cooler right? I have no idea what to expect but knowing them it will be epic.

What do you have planned for the summer? Also If you have any “must do’s” for America then please let me know!

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