My 2018 Goals

January 17, 2018

I wasn’t going to do a goals post, not because I don’t love reading them, but because I just wasn’t sure where I wanted this year to go.

I’ve recently started a bullet journal, and when I mean recently, I mean last weekend, and sitting writing things down made me realise that I actually have a lot that I want to achieve this year. Some of them aren’t fun (oh hey SEO nightmare) but I wanted to share them with you, just in case you have been feeling the same as I have, this might give you a little boost to think about what you want this year to bring you.

2017 was such a shit show for me personally, not only did I lose people I loved, I also struggled with my mental health more than I ever have in my life. Last year started with me recovering from an operation and ended with the bluest Christmas I think I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, every Christmas since I lost my dad has been hard, but with so much grief last year I just couldn’t bring myself to be joyful. And I LOVE Christmas usually.

My 2018 goals are centred around seeing more of the people I love, since I don’t live in the same city, or sometimes the same country, as my friends it’s a goal that I know I need to work on. I want 2018 to be full of memories with everyone I love, with old friends and new, and to do that, I need to get off my ass and see them!

So here are my 2018 goals, both personal and work-related

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Travel more – This goes back to my main goal of seeing more of the people I love. I have friends all over the world and this year I want to visit as many of them as possible. I’ve already booked to go to Barcelona this month, possibly have a trip to Rome on the cards. And a definite plan to visit Copenhagen at some point. Non-friend related we are going to LA in May and will hopefully get away around my birthday again this year.

To get my eyebrows mircobladed – I have really thin eyebrows, thanks to over plucking when I was a teenager. They’ve never really grown back to their full potential. Not only does drawing on my eyebrows take me the longest of my makeup routine, I hate going out without them on, I could save so much time by having them microbladed. It may seem like a bit of a non goal but by writing it down hopefully I’ll actually remember to do something about it.

Look After Myself – This is mentally and physically. A few years ago I did yoga most days and looking back I felt amazing, and right now I have no energy for anything so I’m kickstarting that by getting a gym membership. Not only will I hopefully have more energy as a result, it’ll definitely make me feel better. On the flip side, I want to take more time out to relax and recharge, I have a tendency to overdo it. When I’m not working my anxiety goes crazy, so much so that my work life balance is terrible, so this year is all about working smarter so I can enjoy more time to just be, without having to worry about work.

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Get back into Pinterest – I LOVED creating boards when I was decorating our house and planning our wedding, but I’ve been seriously neglecting my Pinterest account. I want to use it for work as well as personally and since I already have an audience over there, the plan is to build it this year!

To blog more consistently – I dropped the ball massively last year, so this year I want to blog as consistently as possible, I’m only aiming for twice a week minimum so it’s doable. On top of this, I want to actually try out youtube as a platform. There are a few videos up but I want to get better at video editing and more confident in front of the camera. Instead of just uploading random stuff I want to make an actual plan for the channel.

Create a new blog theme – I’ve been planning a blog revamp for a year, and I’ve never gotten around to it, so this is the year that I want to actually design and plan one, so I can launch in 2019.

Sort out my SEO & site errors – there are so many back of house errors that I need to sort out for my site, and I’ve been putting so many of them off for so long, this is the year I need to sort them out. No matter how boring and awful that job is.

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  • Reply Lauren Aitchison January 20, 2018 at 10:32 am

    Most of these goals are the same as mine! I joined the gym in December so I wouldn’t feel really pressured for a fresh start in January. I’ve picked up yoga again and getting my blog redone (but SEO can wait…yawn…)

  • Reply Jade D'sa January 23, 2018 at 11:59 am

    Sorry you had a blue Christmas! I hope 2018 works out brilliantly for you!

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