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Mothers day gift guide for Glasgow and Edinburgh

March 8, 2015
Mothers day gift guide for Glasgow and Edinburgh.
We all want to spoil our Mum on Mother’s day and here are some full proof ways to make sure she feels like the most special Mum ever. Read on for my Mothers day gift guide for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

1. FLOWERS! Come on people, everyone loves flowers and on Mother’s day you need to make a little more effort than popping to Tesco on your way to see your Mum. Floral Menagerie is in my opinion the best florist in Glasgow, I would say that though as the lovely Lisa did the flowers for my wedding! You can pick them up yourself or get them delivered straight to your Mum. Unfortunately this service is only available in Glasgow so if you are based elsewhere then my advice is to google florists if you don’t already have a favourite.
2. High tea. There are plenty places across the country that do amazing high tea but my favourite has to be the Blythswood Hotel in Glasgow. The decor is breath-taking and has a sense of old world glamour, the perfect excuse to get your Mum all dolled up and take her to the bar for a few cocktails after! The Blythswood are giving every Mum who dines with them on Mothers day a free glass of prosecco, what a better way to start the day?
3. Spa break. Ok so this one is in Edinburgh not Glasgow, but a Lush spa is worth getting on a train for! I’d recommend the ‘good hour’ treatment, an hour long deep tissue relaxing massage is the perfect pamper session for your Mum, and whilst your their why not treat yourself too! 
4. Even if your a little short on cash this month you can still spoil your Mum, bake her a cake! No I’m not joking, your Mum will love the fact that you’ve taken proper time out to make her something by hand, and if you’re not a brilliant baker (like me) enlist one of your friends who’s uber talented in the kitchen, split the cost of the ingredients and split the cake between your Mums! Perfect solution. These caramel and chocolate slices are amazing and choc full (see what I did there?) of superfoods so you and your Mum will be eating chocolate slices that are good for you!
5. Take your Mum to the Ballet! Or the theatre, or a Gig, or the Cinema….Get the point? Trust me when I say there’s nothing more your Mum wants than to spend some time with you. The Scottish Ballet’s latest offering is ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ showing in Edinburgh. Now it might not be showing on Mothers Day but what better present to hand over than one that means you’ll be treating your Mum again?!
Hope you enjoyed my Mothers day gift guide for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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