Five Women Who Inspire my Blog

March 8, 2018

To celebrate this International Women’s Day, I wanted to share five of the women who inspire my blog. From Inspiring me to start blogging in the first place, to finding my voice and pushing through difficult times. I wouldn’t be where I am today without these women, even if they don’t know it!

Women Who Inspire my Blog

Michelle Haswell is basically the reason I started blogging. I had been reading Kingdom of Style, along with Style Bubble for a few years and I fell in love with their passion for the fashion industry. I had been working at Next head office as an Assistant Buyer for a year and I felt a little lost when talking about the things that got me excited and passionate about fashion. Michelle’s sense of style was so inspiring. Her love of indie designers and effervescent writing had me hooked and it encouraged me to start writing about the things that I found interesting and the brands I loved.

Sheri Scott, AKA Betty, is the reason that I’m still writing. Over the years there have been some low points and no one talks me off the blogging edge like this girl. We celebrate achievements together and not only does she inspire me constantly to push forward and create content, she’s also my favourite travel partner! Sheri is also the other half of a very neglected youtube channel we attempt to run together. We knew each other before blogging but this career path has brought us closer together. I can honestly say that I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Tamzin Koslowski is the owner of NAF salon and one of the hardest working people I have ever met. As well as running a busy salon, she works on huge campaigns as a nail artist for the likes of Chanel & Strathberry. She also finds time to write a column for Scratch Magazine. For all the obstacles she faces, she always manages to overcome them with grace and more than a little sass. From being inspired by her ability to deal with anything that’s thrown at her, to her sense of style and insane knowledge of nail trends Tammy is my go to when I’m feeling the need to be inspired.

Kat Williams, AKA Rock n Roll Bride managed to create a sell out magazine in the midst of a print decline. I first found Kat via her blog, which I started reading when my best friend got engaged. Her site provided a much-needed hiatus from ‘traditional’ magazines. I kept reading because I loved the articles! Kat doesn’t just cover real-life weddings, she also talks about wedding regrets and post-marriage life. I met her at a trade show in London a couple of years ago. And since then her drive, and her passion have been infectious. I love that she collaborates on projects with her friends and brings out the colourful side to people. It makes me push forward on collaborations and it was one of the main reasons I started the (now closed) Honey Pop Club.

Abisola Omole is one of the most driven women I have ever met. CEO of The Aptmt, a fashion hub that takes place during fashion month, she inspires me to take risks and think outside the box. The Aptmt started off as a small affair, but as the years have passed it’s morphed and progressed into a fashion week destination in its own right. From providing a much-needed break from the madness of fashion week to being a space where you can network, work with brands and collaborate with photographers, all whilst being fed, watered & entertained! I can’t wait to see what Abi does next, if the success of the Aptmt is anything to go by, it’s going to be pretty spectacular.

Trainers – Russel & Bromley // Rings – Ania Haie

All images taken at the Aptmt by Kristina & Derek.

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