Test Driving the BMW X2

March 21, 2018

Cars were never something I was overly interested in. But since moving away from my home city & driving long distance nearly every week I’ve no other choice but to take a keen interest. So when the opportunity came to test drive the new BMW X2 I jumped at it.

Going from a tiny car to a BMW SUV was a little bit of a shock. I had so much room! The car is full of gadgets and made driving a pleasure instead of a chore. This was my first time driving an automatic and I fear that I’ve been swayed by the dark side. Not only was the drive smoother and easier, the fuel economy is incredible! The eco pro mode even shows you how fuel efficient your driving is on the dashboard, making it easier to track your fuel consumption & make sure you aren’t being wasteful.

Now onto the gadgets! The car is great to drive, but the gadgets make it something to write home about. I don’t want to just bombard you with every little detail, so I’ve picked out my top three favourite features.

Touch Screen

Having a built in sat nav takes so much of the pressure off of driving. The addition of touch screen makes typing so much easier and faster! The screen also turns into a parking sensor with full video, a real help if you are used to driving a much smaller car.

Voice Activation

I know a lot of car models have this technology, but I can honestly say this is the only car I’ve gotten in where it actually understands my accent! I only had one slip up where it couldn’t understand a street name, but since Siri doesn’t even understand me I’d say that’s pretty amazing.


Comparing my little car to the BMW is like comparing an old slipper to a new pair of Gucci Loafers. After driving for the weekend I know for certain I need an upgrade. It’s not just the fact that driving it feels like gliding through air instead of on a road, it’s the extra factors. Like heated seats, how did I survive winter without heated seats? Not only are they toasty, they are also extremely comfortable, as is the rest of the car! I took a trip with my mum & best girl to Ikea to test out the boot space and the car was a definite hit. All seats were adjusted, re-adjusted and perfected. I can imagine extra long distance would be a breeze in this.

The BMW X1 price starts from £28,460. Head to John Clark BMW in Aberdeen & Tayside to see the BMW X2 for sale.

I hope you enjoyed my BMW X2 Review!


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