Drink yourself to sleep with Teami

You’ve heard food for the soul but what about tea for the soul? 

When I’m stressed the thing that’s first affected is my sleep. Basically I can’t sleep, or switch off, or relax and when it comes to waking up I’m exhausted. Since I try and stay clear of caffeine it’s hard for me to properly wake up in the morning, so I decided instead of taking sleeping tablets and being even more tired in the morning I would try some herbal teas.

tea2 tea1

I’ve had a good run with some chamomile tea for my anxiety but I think it was more the routine of going to make it, having those 5 minutes to think of nothing, no phone, just me and the kettle. So I opted for something I little stronger. I spoke to my doctor who recommended something with Valerian root, it’s used to calm nerves, help with relaxation and aid sleep so with a little research I found Teami. The relax tea is a mixture of peppermint, yarrow, lavender, chamomile, lemon grass, orange peel & valerian root. It smells lovely and tastes floral, if a little bitter, but I love herbal teas so I drink it plain or with lemon. I will have 2/3 cups of this before bed, as I’ve found one isn’t enough for me.

As one of my main issues with sleep deprivation is that I can’t wake up in the morning I went for the energy tea pack as well, I admit I am skeptical when it comes to energy drinks so I had no expectations for this to work but I was pleasantly surprised! The tea is a mixture of oolong tea, yerba mate, goji berries, rhodia rosea, lemon grass, peppermint & ginseng. I’m not a big fan of the flavour but I am definitely more awake in the mornings! I’ve been having one cup before breakfast & if I still feel a bit sleepy I’ll have one with my breakfast too.


So far I’m loving the results! I’m sleeping better and I’m more productive in the mornings, meaning I’m less stressed about my workload. Win win if you ask me. Use code “honeypop” at checkout to get a 10% discount on your Teami tea.


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