How Christmas Decorating with wine is so much better

November 30, 2016


What makes Christmas decorating better? Wine, and doing it with someone you love.

This year we decided to put our Christmas decorations up three weeks earlier than usual…and still in November! There were many reasons; it was frosty, it was a good excuse to eat loads of cheese, we had a Sunday off work together, but the biggest one? It FELT Christmassy! The whole of last Christmas felt forced for both Rich and I, we went though a big upheaval and it just didn’t feel like a normal Christmas, in fact it didn’t feel like Christmas at all. So when that festive feeling appeared we were both 100% ready to embrace it.

So we headed out, grabbed some supplies (cheese & wine) and decorated the house. You can watch our first Vlog together below! Fun Tip, play a drinking game during it! Every time I say “Christmas Decorating” or “So” have a shot…I promise you will be nice and drunk by the end of it.

We are having a quiet Christmas and making sure we spend it with as much of our families & friends as possible, after all Christmas isn’t about the gifts, it’s about the memories….soppy right?

Happy Christmas Decorating! 

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