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What’s On My Desk

April 27, 2016

deskforphone“Tidy Desk Tidy Mind”

For some my desk may be way too cluttered, but for me it’s perfect! It has everything I need close to hand, and sure sometimes it can become pretty chaotic but it’s organised chaos, I know where everything is when I need it.

The biggest thing I had to overcome when going freelance (apart from the abject terror) was my organisation skills. One of my old bosses once told me that I was one of the most creative people she’d ever met, but that my organisational skills were shocking…coming from someone I respected it felt like a bit of a kick in the teeth, until I came to terms with the fact it was true. I am not organised by nature so everyday before I start work I’ll make sure my desk is in order, file any paper work from the day before, write a to do list and generally just make sure my desk doesn’t look like a bomb has hit it.

So here are the things I need on my desk to have a productive day.

What's On My Desk desk5 What's On My DeskWhat's On My Desk What's On My Desk desk

What’s On My Desk

Whilst this is not a desktop essential I have been looking for a cute tripod lamp for ages, but only ever managed to find massive floor lamps way out of my burget, safe to say I’ve found what I was looking for in this baby from Pagazzi, it really works with the marble and actually makes my desk feel bigger when it’s on.

Fresh flowers are always a must, they add some colour in and they are good to have on hand for those flat lay photos. This also goes for cacti, perfect for photos but a little more on the wild side, as in you might stab yourself picking one up, blogging can be a hazardous career!

I always make sure I have a rotation of magazines and books, so much so I have two piles of them! I find if you are having a bit of a creative lull it’s best to step away from your desk, but if you can’t then just step away from your laptop. Pick up something that inspires you and lose yourself for a while.

Candles are a desk essential, I always try and go for calming or fruity scents depending on the day or mood I’m in. Currently I have a trio from Shearer Candles in Egyptian cotton, Lavender & Watermelon on my desk. If we are talking complete essentials I also can’t live without the OI hand balm from Davines, it’s insanely moisturising & it smells incredible, they should totally make a candle that smells like it.

I’m not a fan of inspirational quotes (unless it involves a cat), so I’ve opted for a few mementos instead. My ‘hello’ card was given to me the first time I worked with one of my favourite brands, it serves as a sort of milestone, to when I got to work with someone I’d admired for ages. The girl gang poster was given to me as a gift and it reminds me everyday to text my girls, to keep in touch, to read their work and generally be supportive, it can be hard (in this industry especially) to remember that everyone has their own shit. Us girls need to stick together! My “honeypop” artwork was made by the amazing Cloz Boucez about a year after I started blogging, it was such a nice gift to receive so I keep it close on my desk, plus it’s really pretty.

At any given time there are at least three notebooks on my desk, not including my filofax diary that also comes with four note sections. I need to write things down what can I say! I make lists obsessively and I always seem to get a burst of ideas when my laptop is playing up so I keep them close to hand so I can jot down anything I think of.


 I hope you enjoyed whats on my desk!

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