Bathroom renovation for renters

April 13, 2020

Since last time we spoke we’ve not only moved house, we moved city! And now, of course, we are in lockdown. So one of the first things I did when the news came, was tackle our ugly af bathroom.

I’ve been taking a lot of baths, and I mean A LOT. It’s a good way to get some alone time, and a good way to relax. The only thing is, my bathroom looks like Claires accessories threw up glitter nail varnish in it. Who, WHO in their right mind decorates an entire bathroom in cream glitter plastic panelling?

Bathroom renovation for renters

We rent, so there is only so much we can do to make the bathroom our own. Especially as we can’t paint or put any holes in the walls for shelves/big art.

The space between the bath and the radiator isn’t big enough for a bathroom cupboard so we improvised with some ladders and fake plants. Popping a bath tray down and adding some green to the space really lifted it but the real issue here is the walls.

Having the cream glitter on every surface felt really claustrophobic, especially as the bathroom is a galley so it’s long and wide. Having a bath in a completely cream space was really clinical and not that relaxing if I’m being honest!

Because the walls are plastic there’s no way I was getting art up there, that is until I got my hands on some sticky strips! I knew I had to get brightly coloured prints to lift the room but I knew I needed them to come pre framed because I’m definitely not leaving the house to search for picture frames.

Whilst looking for art I came across PosterLounge, they literally have every style print you could ask for and I found the perfect prints on their site!

Bathroom renovation for renters

The prints also come framed with a choice of colours, because we already had some wood highlights in the bathroom I decided to go with the natural wood frame. I think it fits in perfectly with the rest of the room and adds that much-needed splash of colour! The print is called Mojo in case you want the same one! I would suggest looking through their abstract posters though, as there are loads of great prints. But that’s not all they do! You can get art on canvas, aluminium, wood and they also offer wall prints.

PosterLounge have provided a wee 20% discount too! Just use the code HONEYPOP20 Valid until 19.04.2020 & they ship to the whole of Europe.



  • Reply Jojo April 14, 2020 at 6:08 pm

    Would you believe that I have the exact same sparkle bathroom??!! We own our house so we technically could fix it bit it’s new and would feel kind of wasteful and we can’t really afford it! I’ve been adding wooden accents and just one plants far which is helping a lot but I hadn’t really considered putting up prints, I forget that sticky hooks exist!! I think I’ll add more plants too once I can get out and go to a garden centre – the greenery definitely helps! Also, I really need a bath tray! Where did you get yours from? I’ve been looking online and can’t see any as nice as your one.

    • Reply Honeypop Kisses April 16, 2020 at 1:28 pm

      No Way! Yeah I feel like you can dress it up enough to have it looking good and then change it in a couple of years to what you actually want. plans always help! Remember to use the discount code I popped up as you can get the prints delivered framed which really helps at the moment when we cant leave the house.

      The bath tray is actually from dunelm! Just search bath tray and its there. Good luck getting some new plants.

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