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Top 5 Places to eat in NYC – Vegan Friendly

October 19, 2016


There is nothing I love more than eating out in a new city.

And you don’t get much better than New York! There are enough restaurants here that you could eat out a different place for breakfast, lunch & dinner for OVER a year and NEVER eat at the same place twice…isn’t that amazing and insane all at the same time?!

So in the guise of being helpful, but really just getting to eat lots of food, I decided to narrow down this HUGE selection to just the top 5 Places to eat in NYC.

Yup. FIVE. The below picks are the best of the best, the places with not only the best food but the best decor, atmosphere and more importantly friendliest staff! Top 5 Places to eat in NYC

Top 5 Places to eat in NYC

The Butchers Daughter

This place blew my mind! Not only is it perfectly instgrammable, think white tiles and baskets of fruit, the food itself is out of this world and it’s completely veggie! They have so many great vegan options, I went for the kale caesar salad and avocado toast. My eyes were definitely too big for my stomach! The salad was huge and the almond cheese & cream was perfect, the carrot & orange juice is a great afternoon pick me up too. And don’t think that meat eaters won’t enjoy themselves, my other half said the loaded potato skins with ‘bacon’ was the best he’d ever eaten.


I have three words for you. Vegan. Asian. Fusion. That’s all, that’s all you need. Oh and get the pumpkin noodle salad and the kimchi dumplings. You’re welcome.

By Chloe

Vegan fast food at it’s finest. Expect a queue and if you see a table nab it and get someone you are with to order for you whilst you hold the table for everyone, the food is well worth the wait I promise! The ‘Mac & Cheese’ is unbelievable and the Guac burger is out of this world but the dish that stole the show? The side of Market veggies! No I’m not kidding, when we were there the side was braised brussel sprouts with the most amazing cream sauce drizzled over. I have no idea what the sauce was but everyone I was with was obsessed with it. I’d go back to New York just to eat here.

Meatball Shop

We make sure to visit the Meatball shop every time we are in NYC because the meatballs are JUST THAT GOOD. The combinations are endless, veggie meatballs with braised greens and mushroom gravy? Or polenta and special sauce? Or how about with traditional tomato sauce and spaghetti just like mama used to make? These babies are so good they will have you coming back for more! But not till the next day because they are super filling! Remember to ask for no cheese as they are all served with grana padano on top. Top Tip – Get some fool aid to share. It’s a cocktail made with grape kool aid and it will knock your socks off! It also tastes like juice – bonus!

5 Leaves

You can’t beat 5 leaves when it comes to brunch, it’s just not possible! The Avocado toast will have you coming back time and time again (we went three days in a row…I’m not joking), and the chia pudding is like having cake for breakfast, win win if you ask me! The meat eaters with you will also rejoice as the moroccan scramble was said to be amazing, and you can add steak to your breakfast! Who knew eh?

Ok so I also have to give mention Pietro Nolita, whilst they may not have any vegan options, and they may only serve a handful of options for breakfast (opening for lunch soon) but what they lack in menu they make up for in atmosphere and STYLE! So this is officially the cutest place I have ever been. I am in LOVE with it. Check my instagram for some interior shots and keep your eye’s peeled for a ‘pink as fuck’ outfit post.

IMG_8562 Top 5 Places to eat in NYC IMG_8564

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    Oh man, now I’m hungry! Haha. I love your blog by the way. It’s fabulous, just like your amazing hair 🙂

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