Singl end cafe – the perfect fizzy brunch


There is a significant lack of places to brunch in the centre of Glasgow, as far as I’m concerned you can’t go wrong with the west end…but all that’s about to change.


Located just off Sauchiehall street, near the Art School, Singl End cafe is nestled into the basement like a warm, cake filled cocoon, and it’s well worth the walk from the centre of town. Nothing fills me with more joy than a brunch with my girls, so when this place popped up on my radar I knew I had to venture in. The decor is cosy and inviting without being too over done. It puts me in mind of my nana’s kitchen, full of family memorabilia, postcards and plants, not to mention it smells divine!

The menu is full of local produce, gluten free and vegan options. Basically I was in heaven. The highlight for me is definitely the strawberry smoothie, possibly the most amazing drink I have ever had, it’s like cake thats good for you…in liquid form…perfect.

For Brunch I opted for the Singl End take on Eggs Bennedict, sans eggs. I replaced the eggs with little portobello mushrooms and it was divine, and oh so filling! The hollandaise sauce is make from cashew nuts, avocado and tarragon and it tasted amazing, paired with baked sweet potato, spinach, sautéed red onion & a dense nut loaf it was the perfect combo of textures, not to mention a sure fire way to cure a hangover. No matter how full I was I couldn’t leave without sampling some of the amazing cake, with an ever changing cake list there is always the issue that you may miss out on that one perfect cake, plus they are all baked in house and who can resist the smell of freshly baked cake? I know I can’t! Whilst the menu is full of brownies and double chocolate cake I had to try the peanut butter cookies, and I wasn’t disappointed. Crumbly, soft and oh so moreish they alone are reason enough to go back!


Singl-End cafe is a much welcome addition to the Glasgow Brunch Scene and I can’t wait to go back and try some more food, it’s not just for the smoothie I promise! Although I will totally be having one, don’t judge me till you’ve tried it.

Singl End have a special Valentines offer on so if you celebrate the day get booked in, I can think of no where better to spend it.

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