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Why you need to switch off when you go on holiday

July 9, 2017


When you are self employed taking holidays where you are not doing any work is incredibly difficult.

The “missing out” fear is all too real! Missing that one life changing email, your post scheduling going out the window & not keeping up to date with day to day paperwork can be hella stressful, until you realise that you are the one putting all the pressure on yourself.

Being self employed means you always have to stay motivated, and working with only yourself there is no one else to pick up the slack for you when you go on holiday.

So the dilemma is; do you try to maintain your work flow, by continuing to post at your usual schedule? Along with all follow up emails, social media posts and stats tracking that is a lot of work to keep up while you are away. Or do you take an actual holiday, relax, recharge and have a complete break from your work?

It’s Important to Switch Off.

Like everyone else on the planet you need some time away from your job, no matter how much you love it. Holidays are the perfect time to get some perspective on your life, take a detox from your computer, switch off and recharge your own batteries. And I’m not just talking about not checking your website stats, I’m talking full technological break, turning off your email notifications & putting your out of office on, trust me when I say that the world will not end if you haven’t checked your emails in two weeks.

I don’t count social media as work when I’m on holiday, as I would be documenting it anyway, but I make sure I’m not tracking stats, or over thinking post timings. It’s not easy to let go, but the benefits of taking a proper break are well worth a little extra worry before you go. Trust me when I say you will come back refreshed and ready to take on any challenge.

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  • Reply Lauren July 14, 2017 at 4:07 am

    This a so relevant, esp in my world! I quit a job that was likely giving me an ulcer months ago, and have been working hard to figure out getting freelance work, yet- have had trips/vacations already planned. I agree with everything you said, and appreciate it so much because I really admire what all you do!! Thank you for the beautiful, bright-AF posts and inspo, lovely!! Also, love your boxes- so cute!! Xx

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