Wardrobe staples and why I can’t figure out that effortless dressing trend.

September 12, 2015
effortless dressing

A white shirt and a pair of jeans high waisted jeans are standard wardrobe staples, put them together and they are one of those go-to outfits that makes dressing super easy, but what about effortless?

Struggling with effortless dressing

When I try and pull of that Scandinavian no make up, messy hair, ripped jeans look I kind of just look like a hobo… probably the lack of nordic heritage! Even though I have to put a little more thought into my outfit than just picking the first thing I lay my hands on I still strive for that effortless look, and this is probably as far as I’m going to get. For me if it’s effortless it has to be comfy footwear, trainers or flats anything else just doesn’t fit the bill. Paired with some other wardrobe staples; a cropped faux leather biker, a pastel satchel and a brixton hat to cover up my messy hair.


I love playing around with basics and when I found this panelled white shirt in the river island sale I knew I had to have it. Long, sheer, dropped back, it’s like the perfect white shirt got a layering makeover! Now high waisted jeans for me never seem to fit right, they just never quite reach my waist if you know what I mean? Maybe I just have a long body but I’ve found that unless it’s vintage or a vintage replica they just don’t quite get there.

When it comes to high waisted jeans I am willing to try ANYTHING so when I spotted these baby blue beauties hanging up in Tesco (Now I know what your going to say but yes I sometimes shop in supermarkets, they don’t just do food you know!) I thought well why the hell not, well they are high waisted BUT they don’t have any belt loops, what’s up with that? So whilst they reach my waist I can’t wear a belt with them, so it’s long layering tops for now, luckily the white shirt looks good with anything and everything… but the search continues for the perfect high waisted jeans, belt loops are not optional.

 So there you have it! My not so effortless look made from easy wardrobe staples.

pastel6 pastel7

Shop this look:
Hat – Brixton
Necklace – Gift
Jacket – Miss Selfridge
Shirt – River Island
Jeans – Tesco
Bag – Rhodesian Of Edinburgh
Trainers – Converse

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  • Reply Lissa October 3, 2015 at 8:24 am

    I have Scandinavian heritage and I just look like a hobo too if I try to look effortless!

    L xx

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