Vintage from Head to Toe

October 13, 2015
Ok not quite head to toe but who can ever find vintage shoes that fit? My love of vintage stems from an obsession with old movies and my fear of looking like everyone else, who wants to turn up to a party wearing this seasons must have dress? You can bet your bottom dollar that you won’t be the only one wearing it. Turn up to a party in h2t vintage you can be sure no one else will have your outfit!
vintage fashion
vintage fashion
vintage fashion
vintage fashion
I will openly admit that Vintage shopping is not all rose petals, you may not find anything you like, or all the things you like will be the wrong size or the wrong colour, there will be no alternatives or any other colours or stores you can call to see if they have it in your size, but that’s also the beauty of it! I wrote a post a while ago with a few tips for vintage shopping as well as my favourite vintage stores in Glasgow, you can read it here.
A day out in Edinburgh with some of my best girls called for a little more glamour than the average day out so I opted for this handmade vintage skirt from Nevarah, it’s knitted so a perfect transitional piece! The top and scarf I got in a vintage kilo store in Barcelona, my belt I actually got so long ago I have no idea what vintage store it’s from, just shows you that the quality of vintage is amazing even years after it has been made.
The whole outfit makes me feel like Frenchie and that’s never a bad thing, as long as I don’t break into song & dance randomly.
vintage fashion
vintage fashion
Shop the look:
Top – Vintage
Scarf – Vintage
Belt – Vintage
Skirt – Vintage
Bag – Accessorize
Wedges – Topshop


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