7 tips for surviving LFW

September 18, 2016


LFW is here once again & whilst some get to enjoy being driven to and from shows, for most of us it’s a hectic schedule that involves a lot of running, a lot of coffee and even more blisters. So I decided to write my 7 top tips to surviving LFW.


  1. Your feet will hurt, no matter if you are wearing flats or the comfiest shoes you own! Being on your feet all day is not fun so prepare your feet and make sure you take care of them after! AKA all the foot massages. Also, take plasters.
  2. PLAN! This goes for everything, outfits, hotels, the time it takes to get to one show location to another, you will feel much better for being organised. Although it rarely runs smoothly at least you will have some things, like the time it takes to get from Somerset house to Soho, down to a fine art.
  3. Manners cost nothing and being nice at LFW (as in life) is essential. Luckily I have never had a bitchy experience but a few people I know have told me horror stories. You never know who you are standing next to in a queue for a show, sitting next to on the tube or standing in line waiting for a coffee with so don’t be a bitch. When it comes to fashion week London is a small town.
  4. Take snacks, you may not have time to eat anything and skipping a meal is never fun when you are running about crazy, take a couple of energy bars and remember to drink some water!
  5. Shows run late, it’s just the nature of the beast, so you may be sitting waiting for an hour for a show to start, just be patient. It’s all worth it I promise.
  6. The street style in London is amazing. Walking through London centre on a Tuesday in July you will probably see amazing street style but nothing compares to fashion week. I’ve heard people complain that “these people never dress like that irl” and my response is how do you know?! That girl from Hackney could have worn that exact outfit on a night out but you would never have seen it (unless you happen to be at the same club) so stop judging! Of course, people dress their best at fashion week, it’s bloody fashion week for goodness sake! You wouldn’t go on a first date or to a wedding wearing something boring so why would someone go to fashion week in a beige outfit?
  7. Fashion week flu exists! When you spend 90% of your day outside or running from one place to another, getting up at ungodly hours for flights and essentially burning the candle at both ends definitely has an effect. I’d say it’s a mix between a never-ending hangover and a really bad cold, all the adrenaline has left your system so you will feel like a bit of a shell of a person. Plan to take the day after fashion week to relax, and most importantly sleep!



So those are my top 7 tips for surviving LFW, but the most important thing to remember? ENJOY YOURSELF! We are all here for one thing, fashion! Whether it’s supporting an indie designers presentation or being wowed at a massive fashion houses catwalk show it’s all an amazing experience. Even if you are physically and mentally exhausted afterwards, that’s fashion baby!


Shirt – Kilo vintage : Dress – Beacons Closet : Sunglasses – BooHoo : Bag – Nica


  • Reply Dana September 19, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    Totally feeling all of these! Hope you had a successful fashion week chick!

    Dana |

  • Reply Ruth MacGilp September 20, 2016 at 7:57 pm

    Love the outfit! Want to try and recreate it! Could only enjoy LFW for one day but I loved the buss, can’t wait to return! Ruth x

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