Tonal dressing, is it as easy as they say it is?

March 15, 2016


Yes, tonal dressing is now officially a ‘thing’.

Some people are claiming it will make you look slimmer, some are claiming it will reduce the number of items in your wardrobe and some are even claiming tonal dressing makes you happierĀ and whilst I wholeheartedly DO NOT think any of these things are remotely true, I do think it makes it so much easier to pull an outfit together and that’s always a good thing in my book!

tonal1 tonal2 tonal dressing

Today I felt blue. Not sad, just drawn to the colour. So I decided to just go with it!

My outfit inspiration actually came from my Old Harry Jumper, it’s so incredibly cosy and I’ve pretty much been living in it. I wanted to give it more of a workwear twist because I’ve just been wearing it around the house and out for walks with the dogs, plus it’s always fun to mix it up with your wardrobe! Going along with the tonal theme I picked out these cropped trousers from DP, I’ve only worn them once before which is completely ridiculous as I’d been searching for a pair like this for ages. I love the crease down the front, they make me think of proper suit trousers.

As always I love layering and adding in a longer length sheer shirt adds a whole too cool for school element to the outfit…. don’t you think? No? Moving on then…

Outerwear was my first serious fashion buying job so I will always have an obsession with it. You may recognise both coats from my 50 shades of blue blog post, and I am totally guilty of wearing them together more often than not, but they just compliment each other so well!

Grabbing everything in similar shades seriously reduces the number of wardrobe options, but it actually makes dressing in a rush much easier. So yeah you could say I’m a convert! Now I just need to get a H2T pink outfit!

Will you be trying out tonal dressing any time soon?

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