The Vault – Taylor swift in technicolor

Last week I went to see Taylor Swift live at the Hydro in Glasgow. I was also lucky enough to be able to watch the show from Clydesdale Bank’s ‘The Vault‘. The Vault is a private room underneath the 1st balcony and even getting there feels like VIP treatment! You are escorted by a member of staff and given wristband passes, did I mention you don’t have to wait in line to get in? Awesome right? So after the wristbands you are taken up some stairs past a little bar, behind a door, then a velvet curtain (I’m not kidding) and after that little whirlwind tour you’re in The Vault.


The Vault is amazing in so many ways, firstly your are only with your friends, there are no strangers with you and you feel like you are the only one’s watching the show but you can still see the crowds and get a feel for the atmosphere. So shaking it with your best girls, singing at the top of your lungs and having a little cry (these things are emotional aren’t they?) are all done in the privacy of your own room, you also have a sofa to have a little rest on and even then you can still see the stage as the barrier is made of glass. Don’t worry if you get a little thirsty, there is a call button and your own waiter will magically appear to take your drinks order, so you never have to leave! Apart from to going to the bathroom obviously but even then you get a secluded loo that was rarely busy. And last but not least the view is AMAZING! You are super close to the stage and there is no one in front of you meaning you have uninterrupted viewing, at points I felt so close to the stage, especially when it was elevated! Now what’s better than that? 
The only downfall? Not meeting Tay Tay herself, but there’s always next time right?
So you can’t buy entry into The Vault but don’t despair because you can win entry! In fact that’s the only way into The Vault. So instead of it being super expensive and only a select few able to go, Clydesdale Bank gives everyone the opportunity! All you have to do is buy a ticket to see your favourite artist/comedian/group at the Hydro and then go here to enter the prize draw to get your tickets upgraded to the VIP Vault experience, so simple.



The show in itself was awesome, the lights, the dancers, the inspirational speeches, the cat videos, the paper aeroplane cannons, but the highlight had to be everyone in the crowd singing in unison to pretty much every song! It made the atmosphere amazing and as Tay Tay herself said “we are all here experiencing the same moment, with loved ones, with strangers, and we will all remember it forever’.


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