The Return of the logo, but not as we know it

March 26, 2017


Logo’s in fashion have always been big business, in the 80’s & 90’s if you didn’t have a logo emblazoned somewhere on your person then you were clearly from a different planet.

But then fashion fell out of love with the logo. For decades it was seen as tacky by most, being branded by a brand? NO THANK YOU. But like all things, fashion is cylindrical.

2016 has seen the return of the logo, from Nike to Moschino everyone is reinstating and revamping their logo, making sure you damn well know who you are wearing. Advertising on people from head to toe is a pretty good campaign right? Some brands have taken it further, when Gucci spray painted ‘real’ onto their bags it was not only a tongue in cheek dig at knock offs everywhere, it embodied the punk diy culture.

With stylists everywhere scrambling for vintage sweatshirts and selfridges launching a tshirt only shop dedicated to logo based streetwear brands this can’t be classed as a passing fad. Womenswear buying manager at selfridges – Heather Gramston – described the recent resurgence in branded clothing a movement not a moment.

The return of the logo

Whilst slogan tshirts are big business the trend isn’t just limited to tshirts. Be prepared to have brands names emblazoned on bags, jeans, joggers, knickers…just about anything you can wear!

With a firm nod to 80’s punk & 90’s street wear designers are taking inspiration straight from the street and it hasn’t stopped there, the evolution is going past mere brand logos; jackets spray painted with slogans at the Rebecca Minkoff show, slogan tshirts on every street style star, Vetements releasing THAT DHL tshirt, patches emblazoned on every denim jacket on the high street, the slogan¬†is evolving, but into what?

All we know is this trend, in all it’s branded glory, is here to stay.

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