Step into Spring with a statement print

March 11, 2016


Spring has definitely sprung and what better way to start the season than head to toe in bright colours?

I love spring, the birds are singing, the days are longer, the sun is warm and flowers are starting to bloom. Everything just feels so bright and fresh. You can even feel the effects of spring in the city, baskets of flowers everywhere and pastel paint is popping up everywhere. Stand out with a statement print!

ice16 ice12 ice6

Statement prints are a really easy way to inject some colour into your wardrobe, you can dress them down really easily or you can go full on bright. Mint green has to be one of my favourite colours at the moment, I love how it clashes with the royal blue. Socks are totally on trend right now so I’ve added in these school girl length pink socks, they also help to keep your legs warm because let’s face it, it might be spring but it’s still Scotland and god damn it’s chilly!

Now you might be thinking that an ice cream statement print dress is too much, well fashion is supposed to be fun so have fun with it, wear what you want, what makes you feel like you and if you look back in three years and think “what was I wearing?!” Remember it’s all part and parcel of the experience, so wear what you love and to hell with anyone who tells you differently.

statement print ice14 ice2

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