Spring Cleaning, Trends & Waiting for Summer

April 4, 2018

This month I decided to shake up my wardrobe, do some spring cleaning and go shopping to prepare for Summer, but there is just one little problem. Winter.

Is it just me or does this winter seem to be lasting forever?

I assumed by the start of April the birds would be singing and the trees would be starting to bloom, but no, we get more snow.  And because of the snow spring cleaning my wardrobe was the last thing on my mind! But when Buchanan Galleries asked if I could pop along to their Frock Drop in association with Marie Curie I knew it was the perfect opportunity to clear some space in my wardrobe whilst also doing a good deed, win-win right?

For me, spring cleaning my wardrobe isn’t just about making space for new clothes, it’s about finding pieces that have been long forgotten, or realising that you have a trend obsession blossoming that you hadn’t quite noticed yet.

Top // Trousers // Shoes // Bag

For me, that trend obsession is Polka Dots.

You may have noticed on my wishlist page but it’s taken me a while to realise how drawn I’ve been to polka dots. It was only after a little shopping spree in Monki that I noticed 90% of the things I’d picked were polka dot! You know I’m an all or nothing gal so I decided to embrace my subconscious and go all out with this suit.

Opting for a top & trouser combo gives me the option of rocking some polka dots now, instead of buying a cute little polka dot dress (oh how I want to buy a cute little polka dot dress!) and having it sit in my wardrobe until summer decides to arrive. I’m planning on wearing this separately as well as together and I can’t wait to clash it with some bright polka dot skirts.

Will you be Spring Cleaning your wardrobe anytime soon? Or are you waiting for warmer weather?

If you are planning on it, you can donate any unwanted clothes to the Frock Drop until the 15th of April.


  • Reply last year's girl April 11, 2018 at 8:15 pm

    Your hair’s looking amazing right now, babe. And I love this outfit. It’s like the world’s sassiest pyjamas. You look like a glam rock goddess.

    I have a couple of bags of clothes awaiting a charity shop run – I’ll swing by the Frock Drop this weekend instead!


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