Obscure couture – lest we forget

January 17, 2016

Obscure couture

Get your glitter and your tissues at the ready girls!

The end of this month marks a sad day for Scottish Fashion with the end of Obscure Couture. But what could be a better way to mark the passing of a fashion monster than with a glitter fueled party? A glitter Fueled party where you can buy Obscure Couture for the last time thats what!


Now what better way to commemorate one of my favourite Scottish designers than looking back at my favourite outfits? And there’s no better place to start than my wedding.

We had a bit of an epic wedding if I do say so myself, 5 days of love, drinks, pool parties and general mayhem was kicked off in the most beautiful Obscure Couture number. This little dress holds a dear place in my heart, not only is it one of the most insanely cool dresses I have ever worn it also marks the beginning of one of the best weeks of my life. That night we partied into the wee hours, ate all the food, drank all the pink lemonade (I was getting married in the morning ffs!) and danced to a playlist that can only be described as a montage from my teenage years. All in all it was a perfect beginning.


Every time I wear Obscure Couture I feel like a million dollars, I know that sounds silly but when you’re wearing something that beautiful it lifts your spirits. I’ve worn OC to so many places I can’t keep count so I’ve picked my favourites below, from LFW to Parisienne streetwear festivals my OC has made sure I stand out from the crowd.

So let your inner unicorn out, join me and the OC girls for one last blow out in the cult salon of the year, just don’t be surprised if you see some glittery tears being shed.

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  • Reply Emma_Inks January 21, 2016 at 2:27 pm

    This is so sad Obscure Couture are one of my favourite Scottish brands they are so wonderfully unique.

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