My favourite outfits from 2016

January 4, 2017

Looking back at previous outfits can provide a wealth of inspiration.

Here’s a look at my outfits from 2016

Looking back can help, especially if you are feeling in a bit of a style rut! At the start of every year I like to have a look back on previous outfit choices and see if there is anything I can learn, or if there have any overlying themes that I didn’t notice at the time or if there are any clothes I’ve completely forgotten about! You can have a look at my favourite outfits from 2015 here.

So the best way to do this (I think anyway) is to start last January and work our way through! For all outfit details & links to brands click the header. Ready? OK!

Easy ways to shop smarter

I was obsessed with this Zara top when I first bought it but to be honest I haven’t worn it in months! Maybe time to bust it out the wardrobe again? The pink Nica colour-pop bag is still a permanent feature in my wardrobe for obvious reasons, and not so obvious ones – it fits my camera in perfectly with room to spare!

The Return of Socks and Sandals

God, I love this white pepper sushi dress! Yet another thing that’s gone to the back of the wardrobe and been forgotten. I love how fun this outfit is! I wore this to LFW last Feb and the sandals were perfect for running about the city, the socks were 100% necessary because well, it was FEBRUARY and FREEZING! The things we do for fashion eh? Luckily London is much warmer than Scotland.

How to Style a Skirt Suit – Harris Tweed Style

So this suit was borrowed for the Harris Tweed party at LFW but I fell head over heels in love with it. The perfect fit & cute enough to wear to the office & out at night. The faux fur mix bag was a strong feature at LFW that season, and, as you can see, so was socks and sandals!

Rock N Roll Queen

I was lucky enough to be asked to style & model a lookbook for Scottish designer Mairi McDonald. This is one of my favourite outfits from the collection, vintage-inspired lace shirt with a black pleated pinafore dress. I may not have worn it on a night out or outside of the studio but it reminds me that a black dress won’t make me look like the 15-year-old goth I used to be!

For the love of Varsity

May was the month I went for the chop with my hair & I went through a complete preppy style obsession for a while! I love a good headscarf and this progressed into a love of neck scarves. I found this varsity in Beyond Retro and I still wear it on a weekly basis, a good find for £30! I am still obsessed with striped t-shirts & mini skirts, maybe I need to have a look for some more to add to my collection.

Why you need to switch off when you go on holiday

This blog post still rings true and taking time off work/social media whilst on holiday last year really helped with my stress levels, something I am currently trying to get on top of. But that’s not what we are here to talk about! This outfit kick-started my love affair with the denim shirt, it’s still one of my go-to items in my wardrobe & I can’t wait till it’s warm enough to wear with shorts again!

outfits from 2016

Why it’s never been more important to know your history

Walking along the Clyde in Glasgow is one of my favourite things to do, it can be windy though so take care with floaty dresses – which I learned the hard way on this trip! I never really thought I’d be such a huge fan of thigh high boots, but they eliminate the need to shave my legs and anything that does that I’m 100% behind. Note to self – don’t wear floaty dresses on windy days at the waterfront.

Sometimes simplicity is better

I am still obsessed with these Alexa for M&S trousers, they literally go with everything and are super flattering. They made me rediscover my love for monochrome! I love the statement glasses too…I need to find them for spring 2017!

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Oh anxiety, you are a little piece of shit, aren’t you?! This may be one of my favourite outfit posts but it was also one of my top read posts for the year. I sometimes still feel like an imposter, like I’m not good enough, but you always rally around me and make me feel better so thank you. Now to the outfit! Lessons learned, firstly, mesh shoes hurt after a few hours wearing them and they make weird patterns on your feet. Secondly, monochrome shorts are super cute – note to self – find those shorts!

How to wear frills for Autumn

Frilly jumper, embroidered jeans & cowboy boots…too much? NOPE! I’m loving the western twist, these boots need to get back on my feet asap. I wish I’d bought into the embroidered trend more when it was at its peak, maybe I’ll try a little DIY…first I’ll need to learn how to embroider!

Three ways to wear Karen Mabon Cat Pyjamas – Easy tonal Dressing

Now I was going to add all three ways to wear posts but I thought I had better pick my favourite! It was a hard choice between this & the full cats pyjamas but this one out solely on the fact I love the biker/pj shirt combo. I love that there is so much pink in my outfit & that it’s so relaxed but dressy at the same time…did I just nail smart/casual?! These boots & jeans are two of my favourite items of clothing, clearly, I need to wear them together more often.

Things I’ve learned from this little retrospective

*  My most worn item of clothing was 100% those little white sandals

*  I need to buy another denim shirt – how do I only own one?!

*  Hats are my friend

*  Co-ords are also my friend

*  Mesh shoes hurt

*  Pink biker jackets go with everything

* Ripped jeans & boots are a fail-safe option

Did you get any tips from my look back? What are your fashion thoughts for 2017? Are you already planning to wear more or less of something? Let me know below & thank you for joining me for the last year!

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