Motifs – How to wear 2018’s biggest fashion trend

March 14, 2018

Motifs might not be a new trend, but that doesn’t stop them being absolutely everywhere this season.

Just think of this as a move on from the slogan top, although they aren’t going anywhere either! Motifs have always been a particular love of mine and the bolder the better. This also makes it an easy way to incorporate another trend into your SS18 wardrobe – brights.

Pairing trends might seem like overkill, but just think of it as streamlining your wardrobe, so to speak. Now you might not be trying to tick off as many trends in one outfit as possible, but anything that makes dressing easier is a plus in my book, and if that’s two trends in one outfit, I’m all for it! Colourful Motifs not only make the biggest impact, they also allow you to play around with colours that you usually shy away from.

Take this Monki jumper, for example, I never in a million years thought I would love mustard yellow and pink together, but here we are! As you all know I love dressing around one item, it makes getting ready so much easier. I’d fallen in love with this denim jacket as soon as I saw it, embroidered sequin motif, boxy shape and silver collar, what’s not to love right? Unfortunately, I had to wait until all the snow had disappeared to wear it, having it on underneath a coat just felt like I was cheating on the jacket!

The motif on the back of the jacket has plenty of colours to chose from, and this is what I decided to base my outfit on. I knew I wanted to wear a motif jumper so that was a no-brainer, but the slip dress was a perfect colour match for the dusky pink embroidery. I love the length of this dress, and that it adds a little 90’s flair to the outfit, it’s actually a slip dress too so I must get extra fashion points for incorporating my nightie into daywear right?

Adding the icing on the motif cake was this Pauls Boutique bag, I mean three motifs in one outfit? Not bad going if I do say so myself. I adore the lightning bolt design. The minimal branding and the contrast studs make it classic and easy to wear whilst also adding a little edge to your outfit. I actually have a pair of navy boots that match the bag perfectly but I can’t find them anywhere! Maybe I left them at a friends house over Christmas, but no one is owning up to having them so I had to wear my grey boots instead. I don’t know if I could love this outfit more though so maybe it’s not a bad thing I couldn’t find them.

So will you be adding some motifs to your wardrobe this season?

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