kittens, hoods and boho jewellery

July 8, 2015
Dressing for the weather is an art form in Scotland. You could leave the house in a rainstorm and an hour later the sun will be splitting the skies, but one thing is certain, it rains… a lot. My solution to this? Get your paws on a Chou Chou Couture hood
Umbrellas are so last season (did I just say that?), not to mention they blow inside out and I leave them everywhere. A Chou Chou hood is more practical, not to mention versatile! It doubles as a scarf, it’s reversible and it’s totally adorable, could you ask for more?

The beauties over at Chou Chou definitely have all bases covered, faux fur is the most in demand and perfect of those of us who live in colder climates, they also had a festival fringed number that sold out really quickly and it is quite high on my ‘should have bought and now regret list’. You always regret the things you never bought. 

Chou Chou have a new collection which is coming out in three hits, but that’s not the best part! From 7pm tomorrow you’ll be treated to sneak peeks, styling tips and a live show! It’s all part of their interactive party and will be streaming live over their twitter, snapchat and Instagram, just search #prefallmagic15 to join the party!
Chou Chou hood
Since this is my kitty’s first outing I decided to keep everything else muted to make sure the kitty hood got all the attention it deserved! My black COS shirt paired with a pastel skater skirt is probably as understated as I go! Jewellery is always a big part of my outfit and silver is usually my go-to metal. Pretty Utopian have an amazing boho style collection and their crystal range has to be my favourite, that along with the super cute hamsa bracelet
So what’s your favourite Chou Chou hood?

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