Interview with Scottish Designer Knit Knot Knit

July 23, 2017

Knit Knot Knit

KNIT KNOT KNIT opened in 2014, selling a unique collection of accessories and interior bespoke pieces. Based in Scotland the brand aims to keep creativity within Britain.

KNIT KNOT KNIT is a luxury brand that has been created to merge sculptural and conceptual knit with useable timeless pieces. Making the unwearable wearable. Each accessory and interior piece is individually hand knitted. I caught up with Laura Muir, founder of the Scottish Brand to find out what inspires her, her plans for the rest of the year and how she unwinds at the end of a busy day.

Knit Knot KnitKnit Knot Knit


What’s your job title?

It’s really difficult to name my job title at KNIT KNOT KNIT as it’s just me & my company! So basically I am the designer, maker and seller. I guess I am a little bit of everything but that is what’s so great about running your own small business. You get to do everything.

How did you become a designer?

Having always had a keen focus to draw and make my own designs at a young age I went on to study textile design, specialising in knitted textiles at the Glasgow School of Art. During my time at art school I gained experience at different knitwear and design companies. I was so impressed by the determination and perseverance of the designers and interns at Derek Lawlor and Alexander McQueen that it inspired me to create my own brand and company. My aim during art school was to work for a large fashion house however after graduating in 2014 with my collection KNIT KNOT KNIT I was extremely keen to create my own brand. Keeping design and making in Scotland.

Describe a typical Day for you?

Being an independent designer/ small business is definitely not straight forward. After graduating I had to have a part-time job to fund my material and start-up costs. So juggling multiple jobs with knit projects has definitely been my biggest challenge. I think most designers will say each day is different. Whether one day you are collaborating with another maker, sketching up ideas, setting up exhibitions or emailing customers. It is always different.

What inspires you most?

Photography. I love taking photos of anything I see that I think has a great texture or colour. This inspiration often filters down to my knitwear. Taking photos in Scotland is great we have some amazing places to visit . As I really love sculptural knitwear as I look towards Sandra Backlund and Nanna van Blaaderen as pioneers in the chunky knit/sculptural knitwear world. Both of their work is incredible.

What plans do you have for the brand for the rest of the year?

My plan for the rest of the year is to gain some more stockists. Up to now I have always had more pop-up stockists where my work has featured in them for a few months. So I would quite like to gain more permanent stockists. I love collaborating with other makers, designer and bloggers so I would definitely like to work more on this.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what’s the one item you couldn’t live without?

A cup of tea… and if I could squish in something else of course some knitting needles!

How do you unwind at the end of a long day?

I am normally a pretty relaxed person so unwinding at the end of a long day is easy for me. A good blether with my flat mate, a movie and a massive cup of tea definitely works for me!

Knit Knot Knit Knit Knot Knit

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