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March 29, 2017

billie jacobina

Billie Jacobina has been creating waves since she graduated last year, she is is already on the radar of some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. So I obviously wanted to know more.

I caught up with Billie to find out what makes her tick and, more importantly, where I can lay my hands on her collection!

You recently showed at FSL, what was that like?

Even being shortlisted for Fashion Scout was a shock. As a Graduate I had no clue what was going to happen to me after University, I had applied for jobs and been for interviews. I was ready to start working for someone else for a few years before anything like this happened. Fashion Scout is such an amazing platform for new designers and to be apart of something where so many designers have grown is the best opportunity I could ask for. I want to do it all over again!

Winning the OTW award is crazy! This time last year I was interning for Typical Freaks who showed at this event, and now to be showing myself under my own label is a great achievement for me. Being part of Fashion Scout is the start of my label and fashion career, I never thought this would happen so soon as I just graduated in May last year. I am very excited to see what will happen for me next

What was the inspiration for the ss17 collection?

While in my final year I was writing my dissertation on Alice in Wonderland. I love the story and imagination. This influenced me to imagine my own world. From a young age my dream has always been to be a mermaid, so only naturally I came up with a underwater world. I also went on a trip to Marrakesh which inspired some of my design and pattern.

You mention a little mermaid ‘Luna’ as the main character for the collection, where did you come up with the concept?

‘Luna’ came around when I wanted a narrative for my story, I am a very conceptual person. She is an ‘Alice’ like character. My designs then came from the characters she met in my magical underwater world.

I am totally obsessed with the mix of textures in the collection, do you have a specific customer in mind when you are designing?

Someone who is bold and creative! Not scared to stand out from the crowd, to be different but who also can wear it with sassy attitude.

Where can we buy these amazing creations?!

At the moment I am looking in to getting everything in to production for sales early next year! I literally had no clue that my Graduate collection would go this far. I will update on my social media to keep everyone updated. I am so excited as a lot of people want to buy already!

You can follow Billie Jacobina on instagram.

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